Solo artist for audiences of more than 70,000 in 14 Countries

Nominjin has performed in more than 14 countries as a solo singer in front of audiences of up to 70,000 people. She sings in 15 languages (English, Hindi, Malayalam, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Mongolian,  etc.).

She composes the music and lyrics (both English and Mongolian) for most of her songs.

In addition to more than a dozen #1 hits in her native country of Mongolia, Nominjin’s other accomplishments include John Lennon’s EMI tribute album “Peace, Love & Truth”, the EMI album “Love: Best of Ten Years” (alongside multi-platinum selling artists such as Christina Aguilera, Toni Braxton, Norah Jones and Ricky Martin) and tracks on several movies.

Music liberates the soul. I treasure freedom, therefore I create freely.” -Nominjin

Carnegie Hall & #1 on Billboard Classical Charts

Her other accomplishments include  working as the official sports caster, MC and singer of FILA World Cup 2013 and as the lead actress of the play “Heart Piece” by Ruben Polando, Theatre Mitu of New York. She was also selected  as one of PETA’s sexiest vegetarian celebrities two years running.

In April 2014, two-time Grammy-winning composer Christopher Tin invited Nominjin to perform at Carnegie Hall’s Stern Auditorium as a soloist in 5 languages (Mongolian, Japanese, Chinese, Farsi, and Sanskrit) with a 600-person choir and 300 person orchestra. New York concert reviewers praised Nominjin for her soulful voice and passionate performance.  Mr. Tin’s album “A Drop That Contained The Sea” which Nominjin was a part of with her original Mongolian poem inspired by ancient Mongolian poetry “Tsas Narand Uyarna” debuted at #1 on Billboard Classical charts in May, 2014.

Goodwill Envoy for Public Diplomacy Republic of Korea

On May 23 of 2015, Nominjin was appointed as a Goodwill Envoy for Public Diplomacy  by Yun Byung-se, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Korea, for a term of two years. She is the youngest official Envoy ever appointed by the Republic of Korea.

In April of 2016, Nominjin once again collaborated with Christopher Tin and DCINY. She received rave reviews for her performance as a soloist in 4 different languages at the prestigious Lincoln Center’s David Geffen Hall. She resides in West Hollywood, California.

She has trained with vocal coach Roger Love (Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Eminem, Reese Witherspoon, Milla Jovovich) for 6 years and has been training at Tony Barr’s Film Actors Workshop since 2009. Other coaches have included singers Paulette McWilliams, Ganbaataryn Khongorzul,  and the Soviet trained teachers: opera singer, Prof. J. Tsetsgee and Ballet Master  D. Dashlkhagva.